Unique Building Construction

How To Care For Your Granite

30 March

If you’ve just upgraded your counters with granite, don’t be intimidated with how to keep it clean. It’s fairly easy to keep clean; you just need to get into a new cleaning routine, as granite needs to be cleaned differently than countertops such as laminate. Cleaning and maintaining your granite countertops properly will keep them […]

What Types Of Slate Roofing Is Best And Worst For A Gable Roof?

30 March

Slate roofing has an elegant look, long lifespan, and minimal upkeep in most situations. But slate roofing is a hefty financial investment so you want to make sure that the material is the best match for the type of roof on your home. If you have a gable roof, which features two steep sloping sides […]

Steps For Preventing And Removing Red Wine Stains On Hardwood Floors

04 March

For many, a home is a castle that is best enjoyed when shared. This means entertaining with friends and family. Hardwood flooring is a good choice if you entertain often because it looks elegant but is durable enough to stand up to heavy wear and tear. The one thing that may worry you that it […]

What To Know About Getting Seamless Gutters For Your Home

10 February

If your old gutters are rusted, leaky, or falling apart, you may want to replace them with seamless gutters when you’re ready to get new ones. Seamless gutters have fewer problems with leaking, and they look better too, since there are no seams every few feet. Here are some things to know about having seamless […]

3 Types Of Garage Doors And Their Benefits

19 January

Picking out a new garage door can often be a daunting experience due to all of the options and the various benefits that each choice can provide. Listed below are three garage door options and their benefits. Steel Steel is one of the most durable garage door options that you can buy. In most cases, […]

Small Backyard And Children? You Really Can Have A Pool In Your Yard When You Follow These 3 Tips

31 December

If you live in a home with a small backyard and you have young children, then you may think that having an underground pool installed is close to impossible without sacrificing your entire yard that your children enjoy playing in. While you may not be able to have a pool that you can swim laps […]

Three Valuable Topics to Discuss With Your Prospective Landscape Designer

14 December

Hiring a professional residential landscape design specialist can be the first step to a total transformation of your yard. Regardless of the project that’s been filling your dreams, sharing your vision with a landscape designer can turn that image into reality. Hiring someone in this capacity typically involves talking to a few different designers, explaining […]

Three Simple Strategies That Will Extend The Life Of Your Home’s Furnace

25 November

A furnace breakdown — and subsequent repair by an appliance contractor — can serve as a valuable reminder that it’s important to take proper care of your furnace to increase the likelihood of it working properly for years to come. One simple way to keep the unit in optimal working condition is to have it […]

A Look At The Biggest Mistakes New Operators Make With Stud Welding Machines

09 November

Regardless of how much technical knowledge you have when it comes to welding, the practical, hands-on knowledge is definitely where your true skills will be earned. This is especially true when it comes to using a stud welder. Stud welders are an awesomely convenient piece of equipment, allowing for simple spot welds on a variety […]

3 Things You Can Do To Keep Your AC Unit Working Effectively

21 October

The air conditioner plays a vital role in your home. Even though you may have an air conditioner installed, it doesn’t mean that it is working at optimal level. Many times, people fail to care for their air conditioning unit properly. Because of that, they overpay on their utilities since the unit uses too much […]