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What To Do If You’re Dealing With A Property Line Dispute With Your Neighbor

20 November

Disagreeing with your neighbor about whose property ends where can be very frustrating. These disagreements can really cause a lot of problems, especially if you are arguing about something like where someone’s fence should end or whether or not someone is intruding on the other’s property. It’s important to handle these disagreements as sensitively as […]

Green Lighting Options For Your Business

18 November

The lighting in your business plays a major role in attracting customers and keeping your employees productive, but it can also put a major strain on the environment. New green lighting technologies give you more options for commercial lighting systems. Understanding what’s available and the best way to apply the options can save you money […]

Don’t Whine About The Grime! 3 Simple Solutions To Defog Your Shower Door And Cut Down On Scum Buildup

12 November

It happens all the time—climbing into the shower just to find the glass doors, such as from South Jersey Glass, are fogging up. Foggy mirrors will cause soap scum and grime to develop, which can seem impossible to remove. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure your shower doors don’t fog up in the steam of a […]