Unique Building Construction

Taking Care Of Travertine

04 December

Travertine is a stone that can be a delightful alternative to using granite or marble. In recent years, travertine has become more popular to use as a tiling medium in bathrooms and kitchens. When using travertine, however, you must be careful to maintain and clean it properly. It is much more porous than other stone, […]

Frequently Asked Questions From Business Owners Preparing For A Commercial Roofing Project

24 November

When it comes to roofing at a residential property, there are a few concerns from the average homeowner about how to prepare for the event. However, in a commercial setting, a business owner does have a lot more to worry about because they have to be concerned with how the roofing project will affect their […]

What To Do If You’re Dealing With A Property Line Dispute With Your Neighbor

20 November

Disagreeing with your neighbor about whose property ends where can be very frustrating. These disagreements can really cause a lot of problems, especially if you are arguing about something like where someone’s fence should end or whether or not someone is intruding on the other’s property. It’s important to handle these disagreements as sensitively as […]