5 Tips For Making Elevator Rides More Attractive For Riders

Whether it's the feeling that you get in your stomach or the thought of it failing and you getting stuck, many people do not enjoy getting on an elevator - even to just travel one story. Therefore, you may want to consider incorporating features into the elevator that will allow it to be more attractive and comfortable to riders. This is true whether you are fixing up your elevator through a company such as All City Elevator, Inc., or if you're installing an elevator in your home (for yourself and guests), in your business (for clients and employees) or in an apartment complex/condominium (for residents). Here are five ideas to help you get started:

1. Opt for Relaxing Music.

Most elevators, especially at large corporations, will feature elevator music. You can opt for a relaxing classical melody or an uptempo jazz tune. Alternatively, you can choose your personal preference of music, such as pop or country.

2. Choose an Uplifting Color Scheme.

Rather than sticking to a dull gray or plain white, choose an invigorating color scheme for your elevator. For homeowners, you can choose your favorite color, such as turquoise or forest green. For business owners, you may want to choose a color that resonates well with the overall décor of the building. Regardless, bringing vivid colors to the elevator will help the ride feel a little less scary.

3. Consider Adding Furniture.

Although this isn't necessarily a popular feature, furniture can really add to the comfort that riders feel when they take a ride in your elevator. Rather than having to stand up, they can sit down on a softly padded bench. It may help them feel a bit more at ease for the ride.

4. Choose a Pleasant Scent.

Many things are much more enjoyable when there is something nice to smell. Therefore, you may want to consider adding a scented fragrance to your elevator space. There are a number of fragrances that are known to help soothe the nerves, including lavender, lemon and jasmine. 

5. Add Eye-Appealing Posters.

When you can take your mind off of something that you are scared of, you can often get through the situation. With that being said, you may want to consider adding interesting, eye-appealing posters throughout the elevator space. This gives riders something to look at, which can easily take their mind off of the ride.

With one or more of these tips incorporated into your elevator space, it will seem as though riders reach their destination floor in no time. Elevators don't have to be boring, but you do have to put some effort into them in order to make them more appealing.