How To Keep Warm With The Heater Broken

What should you do if your home heater is broken and your emergency repair technicians can't come out right away? Not everyone has a fireplace or a furnace that they can use. There are some ways to both retain and create heat within your home, even if you don't have a working heater.

Turn on the Stove

Have you ever noticed that a stove tends to heat up your own home? It's not your imagination; a stove is one of the easiest ways to quickly heat a family room. Of course, it also gets expensive quite quickly, but that may not be an issue during the winter months. Don't open the stove; however, the stove will still warm the house when it is closed, and leaving it open could damage its thermostat.

Close All the Doors

Your insulation will do a fairly good job of keeping the remaining heat inside of your home, but it can't do everything. Close all of the doors within your home to trap existing heat and to make sure that you're trying to heat a smaller space. You may also want to roll up a blanket or other item underneath any doors that do not meet the floor.

Make a Heating Pad

A heating pad can be made with almost anything. Fill a pillowcase with beans or rice, and then microwave it for a couple of minutes. Make sure that you do not touch it immediately as it may be very hot. You can then use this heating pad wrapped in a towel to keep yourself warm. Do not microwave for more than five minutes as the heating pad may begin to burn. These heating pads will usually retain heat for quite a while. 

Heat Up Some Water

Is your hot water still working? Fill a large soda bottle (or several small soda bottles) with water that is as hot as possible. You can then wrap these water bottles with cloth, and use them around yourself to keep warm, while replacing the water as often as you need. Of course, you could also take a very long, warm bath!

The above solutions are only applicable for short-term use; you should always get your heater replaced as soon as possible, like with Shideler Electric, Heating & Cooling. There are many home heater repair companies that will offer round-the-clock service for those who need it. In the mean time, remember this simple trick: if you keep your head, feet and hands warm, you will usually be able to keep toasty.