Ponding Water On A Flat Roof & How To Prevent It

A home with a flat roof is susceptible to the occurrence of ponding, which is an accumulation of water. The problem can be prevented if you make sure the drain outlets are never clogged up with trash or leaves. Below, you will discover how ponding water occurs on a flat roof and how to prevent it by cleaning the drain outlets.

How Does Ponding Water Occur on a Flat Roof?

Rainwater is the fastest way for ponding to happen on a flat roof, and it can happen fast if you live in a region that receives a lot of rain. A flat roof is actually designed to get rid of the water when it comes, as there is a slight slant to the way it is constructed. The slant of the roof is able to lead water to drain outlets that allow the water to flow down.

Ponding water occurs when the drain outlets have an accumulation of trash or leaves preventing the water from flowing down. Ponding can also occur if you have too many trees blocking the sun from the rooftop. The sun is needed because it provides heat that can evaporate water before it begins to accumulate.

How Can Drain Outlets be Cleaned to Prevent Ponding Water?

Cleaning drain outlets on a flat roof is not hard because it is easy to safely walk on the roof to access them. Lean a sturdy ladder against the rim of the roof and climb up. Take a trowel with you so you can use it to scoop the debris out of the outlets, making sure to place the debris in a bag so the wind won't blow it back into the outlets.

You can also leave cleaning the drain outlets to a professional if you don't like heights. Get the outlets cleaned twice per year, as occasional roof inspections are ideal for keeping your roof in good shape anyway. The inspections, from companies like Allendorfer Roofing, will not only allow the outlets to be cleaned, but also for the roofing specialist to make repairs to other damages before they get worse.

Don't let rainwater accumulate and create ponding on your flat roof. The weight of the water is detrimental to the roof because it can lead to materials caving in. Keeping the drain outlets free from trash and leaves is the key to making sure water can run off the roof.