Don't Whine About The Grime! 3 Simple Solutions To Defog Your Shower Door And Cut Down On Scum Buildup

It happens all the time—climbing into the shower just to find the glass doors, such as from South Jersey Glass, are fogging up. Foggy mirrors will cause soap scum and grime to develop, which can seem impossible to remove. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure your shower doors don't fog up in the steam of a hot shower so you can bypass the annoyance of having to scrub away the scum buildup. These solutions can last anywhere from a couple of days to a few weeks, and the ingredients are found right under your cupboard.

Shaving Cream

Before you take your shower in the morning, rub your shower doors down with shaving cream. This method is fast and will last for fourteen to eighteen days. Apply the shaving cream to the entire shower door and wipe it away with a warm, wet washcloth. Be sure to use a wet washcloth as opposed to a dry one. If you use a dry washcloth to remove the shaving cream you will be faced with unsightly cream deposits all over your door that could be just as difficult to remove as the scum and grime.


If you want to avoid the mess of using shaving cream or would prefer to use it just for your shaving needs, spray vinegar on your shower doors. Pour vinegar into a spray bottle and apply it generously to the entire door. When you wipe away this solution, you will want to use a dry washcloth so the vinegar doesn't wash away.

The drawback to using this method is that it does not last nearly as long as the shaving cream. The vinegar will only last for four days before it will need to be reapplied. It will also leave an unpleasant smell in your restroom. To avoid this, set a small mesh bag of mint or eucalyptus on the back of your toilet. The steam from your hot shower will cause the aroma to spread throughout the entire room.

Dish Soap

Dish soap is another wonder item that can be used to rid yourself of those pesky foggy shower doors. Pour a small amount of soap over a wash cloth and add a small amount of water. Wipe the paper towel over the surface of your doors and wipe them clean using a different paper towel or washcloth. Dish soap will keep going for around four days before you will have to repeat the process.

Having to clean the grime build up on your shower doors can be annoying. Bypass the entire process by using these simple techniques for defogging your shower doors before you shower. These methods will help to keep your shower doors fog free for several days.