3 Reasons A Circuit Keeps Tripping In Your Home

If the same circuit breaker trips every time your electric furnace kicks on, you may want to hire an electrician to come and fix the problem. This can be a dangerous problem to have, and whenever a circuit breaker continuously trips, you should view this as an indication of a serious problem. Here are the three possible reasons this might keep happening in your home.

Breaker Is Too Small

Each circuit breaker in your panel is only designed to suit a certain amount of electricity at one time. If several different rooms or appliances are located on the same breaker as your furnace, the circuit might trip because it cannot handle the entire load.

An easy fix for this problem is to have an electrician tie the furnace to a separate circuit breaker. By doing this, you are lightening the load on the original breaker and giving the furnace its own breaker to operate on. This will relieve the problem if the breaker has too many things tied to it.

Wiring Is Bad

In a new house the wiring probably won't be the issue, but in older homes wiring can pose problems. Wiring can wear out for many reasons, and if the wiring wears out, it can cause a breaker to trip at times.

This type of problem is something to address right away because it could pose fire hazards. An electrician can fix this problem by running new wire from the furnace to the breaker panel, but this could involve more work. It really depends on how far the wires must be run, and whether or not the electrician can get them from the furnace to the panel without a lot of effort.

There Is a Short in the Circuit

A circuit may also trip simply because there is a short in the line. A short circuit occurs when two wires touch together. When this happens, a signal is immediately sent to the breaker panel, which causes the breaker to trip.

An electrician, like from Allied Mechanical & Electrical, Inc., may have to troubleshoot to find out if this is the cause of the problem. If this is what is causing the circuit to trip, the electrician may simply need to separate the wires to ensure that they do not touch.

Electricity is an important part of a house, but it is also a dangerous thing to mess with. If you are experiencing problems with your circuits, or with anything that relates to electricity, hire an electrician to find and fix the problem for you. This is the safest way to complete the project, and fixing a problem like this could prevent major problems in your home.