Remodeling Your Bathroom? Place The Right Type Of Lighting In The Proper Spots

During your bathroom renovation, you might think that picking out a light fixture or two because it looks good is the way to go. But if you want the best results from your lighting, then choosing the right type of fixtures and bulbs is important. Additionally, where you place the light fixtures can make all the difference. This guide explains the types of lighting to combine in your bathroom to add function, design and a little highlight to special areas.

Task Lighting

Ever wonder why you don't like your appearance in the bathroom mirror? It could be because of the placement of the lighting. Task lighting is what you'll use, once your renovation is complete, to brush your teeth, fix your hair, put on your makeup and shave. You're probably used to big bright bulbs above the mirror. But, lights above the mirror make you appear a bit older when you look at yourself.

Instead of placing your task lighting above the mirror, opt for side lighting For example, place a sconce on each side with 75 to 100 watt bulbs. If you prefer the greener alternative, then choose LED bulbs of 20 to 25 watts. This will cast the perfect lighting on your face for putting on makeup or performing other tasks.

Decorative Lighting

Place a single pendant light in the center of the bathroom, or over the tub to provide light throughout the entire bathroom. Your vanity's countertop will shine from the light and your bathtub, faucets and other shiny objects in the bathroom will sparkle.

Choose a pendant light that matches the bathroom and suites your own personal style. The wattage should be in line with the amount of light you want to flow through the room. Add a dimmer switch so you can lower the amount of light to provide a soothing experience for a relaxing bath, or turn it up for a lot of brightness during cleaning.

Accent Lighting

Before you hang decorations on the walls, determine where they are going to be before you have the lighting installed. Then ask the contractor to install recessed, directional lighting in the ceiling directly across from the area. Cove lighting can also be used to highlight a decorative piece from below. Once the renovation is complete, direct the light in the direction of the decorations. They'll be highlighted to provide a nice ambiance when people enter the room.

Choose low wattage bulbs in the amount you want, but make sure that the light protrudes toward the decorations. You might need to play around with the wattage size a little to get the desired look, so take your time until you find the proper watts to cast the right glow on your decorations.

Have fun choosing all the bathroom design items that go into your bathroom, but pay special attention to the types of lighting you pick to bring the look together. Ask your contractor, like those at Lucas LTD, for other lighting ideas and whether you'll need new wiring installed to make the look you're going for a reality.