Make Your Wood Fence Rich In Color By Staining

If you have a wood fence around your property, you may want to change the coloring by adding a coating of stain. Stain not only beautifies by adding color, but it also helps to protect the wood from harsh elements. It is not difficult to add stain to wood. Here are some instructions that you can use to make your own fence from a place like Morris Fence Co look sharp in no time.

Materials You Will Need:

  • Pressure washer
  • Mild detergent
  • Stain in color desired
  • Medium and small paintbrushes
  • Tarp

Cleaning Before Staining

Using a pressure washer with a mild detergent, wash the entire surface of your fence thoroughly to remove any dirt that be have become embedded within the grain of the wood. Do not use the pressure washer at too close a distance as this can alter the wood appearance by adding too much moisture at too much of a force. A good distance is about a foot from the surface.

If there are areas where the dirt seems to be caked on, you can scrub them by hand with a piece of cloth. Rinse the soap off completely and allow the whole fence to dry for a day before starting the staining process.

Making Repairs

If there are any areas that have broken pickets or piece where the wood is rough, you will want to repair before staining. Remove damaged pieces and replace with new ones. If it is an area that is rough and just needs some smoothing, use a piece of sandpaper on the area before staining.

Staining Your Fence

Set a tarp on the ground where you will be working so that you do not damage your lawn or any plants that may be near your fence. Use a paintbrush to add the stain to your fence, one picket at a time.

Paint the stain using an up and down motion, then a side to side motion, and then end with an up and down again. This will help to get the stain into every crack and crevice in the wood. You could also use a piece of cloth to rub the stain into the wood so that it adheres to every surface. Use a smaller paintbrush to get the stain in between the poles and pickets.

Sealing Your Fence

After adding stain, you should add a coating of sealant so that the stain does not rub off or wash away prematurely. This can be purchased from the same area where you find stain in a hardware store. It can be applied the same way that you had applied the stain.