Two Great Ideas To Try The Next Time You Paint Your Walls

If you want to spruce up the interior of your home, paint is definitely the way to do it.  A splash of fresh color can breathe new life into your abode and make you excited about coming home each day.  However, merely painting your walls a solid color is an antiquated idea because there are so many techniques available that can make your home truly unique.  Use these tips to learn more about the painting methods you can employ on your interior walls to punch up the pizzazz in your house.

Use Chair Rail For Added Dimension

Chair rails are a great way to offset a solid wall of color within your home.  Rather than painting a room completely one color, some people choose to add two, or even three different shades of color to a space by blocking off sections of the room with chair rails.  The rails add dimension, and serve as the perfect border for different colors.

You can take the concept a step further by enlarging the amount of chair rail that you use so that it takes up as much as half of the wall.  When doing this, you can include different ornate designs within the chair rail to make it a talking point for the room.  Including a vibrant hue above or below the chair rail really makes a room stand out, causing the space to be so decorative that few additional fixtures are necessary.  This picture showcases this technique, and illustrates how combining chair rail with a fresh coat of paint can truly make a room beautiful.

Monochromatic Paint Is Quite Contemporary

Monochromatic painting is all about taking shades of color from the same family to create a design that is modern and contemporary.  While older painting styles would frequently incorporate complimentary hues from different color families, monochromatic designs utilize one color in darker and lighter shades to dress up a space with style.

For example, if your favorite color is brown, you could choose to paint various rooms throughout your home with different shades of this hue.  You may include camel, mustard and chocolate shades of brown to create an exhilarating flow in your house that gets your guests talking.  You can add to the monochromatic décor by including curtains, pictures and furniture that also feature the different shades of brown.

Painting your home should be a fun way for you to showcase your personality.  The next time you're ready to give your residence a facelift, use these tips so you can be pleased with your finished product. Talk to places like L W Winslow Painting for more information.