Generating Heat | Keeping Your Family Warm During A Heating Outage

Ideally if your heater were to fail, it would be in the middle of the day when the weather conditions are good enough for travel. However, in the real world, when a heater kicks the bucket, it can often be in the middle of the night, or even worse, in the middle of a dreadful winter when travel is next to impossible. If you find yourself caught in the middle of a heating emergency with your family, it can be incredibly alarming if you cannot leave your home right away. Here are a few things you can do to help keep your family warm while you wait for heater repair.

Bring Your Family Into One Room

With the members of your family scattered throughout the house, it makes it very difficult for you to monitor the situation and keep them warm. Further, it is much more difficult to generate heat throughout your entire home than it would be in one small space.

Get everyone together and wake them up if you have to. Bring them into one of the smallest rooms in your home that is located in the interior of your home. Keep in mind exterior rooms and upstairs spaces tend to be more drafty and cold than lower-level, interior rooms. The body temperature of several individuals in one small space will help keep you warm.

Grab Portable Heaters

Even the smallest portable heater will be a vital commodity during a heating outage in the freezing temperatures. Grab what you have and put it to use in the room where you and your family are gathered. Make sure before you turn on the heat you make an effort to block any cracks and crevices where cold air from the rest of the home or the outdoors can seep through. To achieve the greatest heat, try to heat the room from the floor up by placing the heater on the floor or low-height table as this will help to evenly distribute even a small amount of heat.

Reach for Unlikely Heat Sources

Desperate times will call for desperate measures, if your heater quits and you have no alternative heat source available. However, you can pull a lot of heat from some of the most common household items. Some of the things you can use include candles, lanterns, toaster ovens, and slow cookers. Bring these items into the room and put them to use. You may be surprised just how warm a small space will stay.

With a little quick action and critical thinking, you can easily keep your family warm for at least a few hours when your heater quits. This can be just long enough to keep your family safe until the heater repair professional arrives and makes the necessary repairs.