Addressing Your Questions About Temporary Fencing

When you are conducting a major exterior renovation on your home or a construction project, it is essential to fence off the area where the work is occurring to ensure that individuals do not accidentally stray into a hazardous work zone. However, many homeowners do not know much about this type of fencing, causing them to have some questions if they are needing to procure these fences for an upcoming project.

Can Temporary Fencing Be Installed In Any Type Of Soil?

Most people are aware that permanent fencing must be installed in relatively compact and stable soil. Otherwise, the fence posts will simply come loose as time progresses. Fortunately, the requirements for installing temporary fencing are not as strict, and these fences can generally be installed in any type of soil. 

However, if the soil is especially loose or sandy, it may be necessary to add a small amount of cement to the bottom of the post hole to ensure the fence is able to stand upright. By keeping the amount of concrete to a minimum, you can safely secure the fence post without making it impossible to remove when the work has been completed. 

Do Temporary Fences Impact Erosion?

During a construction project, it is possible for severe soil erosion to occur. This erosion can significantly impact the landscape around the site, and in some cases, it may require the design of the building to be altered. Due to these threats, many people want to know if it is possible to use temporary fencing to help mitigate these damaging effects, and fortunately, this is a possibility depending on the type of fence you have chosen. 

Some temporary fencing is designed to make contact with the ground, and this type of fencing can be used to help channel the flow of water away from areas that may be prone to experiencing erosion. However, if you choose fencing that does not come into contact with the ground, then you will be unable to control erosion without buying additional tools and materials. Fortunately, if you are unsure of what you need to accomplish this task, most fencing providers can recommend an option that will meet your needs. 

Temporary fencing is essential for many different construction projects, but if you have never ordered it before, you may not have all the information you need to make informed decisions through this process. By understanding that these fences can be installed in any soil condition and that they can be used to mitigation erosion, you may find the process of ordering this fencing far less mysterious. Talk tp a  professional like A & R Rent-A-Fence for more information.