4 Signs That You Are Wasting Your Time Viewing Existing Homes

Selecting a home to purchase takes patience and dedication, but most buyers find themselves able to make a decision relatively quickly and begin moving toward the closing table. Some buyers, however, are not so fortunate. If you are actively looking for a home to purchase but are finding the process to be extremely difficult, you may be looking at the wrong type of real estate. If you have done any of the following four things during your search for a home, it may be time to stop viewing existing homes and start looking for a reputable new home builder instead.

You Have Looked at More Than 10 Homes

According to recent statistics from the National Association of Realtors®, most buyers view an average of just ten homes before making their selection. If you are guilty of looking at many times more homes than this number, chances are you are searching for unique features, amenities or a location that will require a custom approach.

Your List of Housing Needs is Constantly Changing or You Have No Motivation to Accept a Home that Meets Most of Your Needs

If you find yourself adding or changing your list of housing needs frequently, or refusing to even consider a home that your real estate agent feels would be a great choice for you to see, you are already unconsciously moving away from choosing an existing home. Do yourself, and your real estate agent, a favor by taking your list to a new home builder and asking them to help you incorporate all your preferred housing needs into one truly special home. 

You Foresee Extensive Remodeling Projects for Every Home on Your Short List

Even buyers who give their real estate agents hope by developing a short list of possibilities may be just wasting time. If you have placed a few homes on a short list, yet feel that each one of them will require some type of extensive (and expensive) remodeling project before you will be satisfied, then it is time to consider a new, custom-built home instead. Unless it is something relatively minor, such as replacing flooring, or changing the color scheme, just one unexpected, but costly repair issue could crop up during the remodel and use up your remodeling budget. 

You Have Found the Perfect Site and the Perfect Home Design, But Not on the Same Lot

Have you found one home that is perfect on the inside, yet another with a fantastic setting or view? This is a definite clue that you should choose to build your next home on a lot that you love, using custom plans and a reputable new home builder who can make your housing dreams come true. 

If these situations sound familiar to you, stop wasting time and contact new home builders in your area.