3 Optional Features To Consider For Your Next Pole Barn Kit

Are you looking to buy a pole barn kit? That could be a wise decision. A pole barn kit can be a great way to get the structure that you need while saving on labor and materials. Pole barn kits contain many of the structural elements needed, so all that's left is for the elements to be assembled. You can do the job yourself or you can usually hire a crew to quickly assemble the kit. You can expect your kit to have everything needed for a complete barn. However, there may be some optional features that aren't included in a standard kit. Here are three such features that could be worth a little extra investment:

Insulation and moisture protection. Barns are susceptible to water damage just like every other type of building. Many pole barn kits come with metal roofs, so the water rolls down the roof and over the edge. However, you may want to invest in a gutter and downspout system to drain water to a specific area, which will prevent water from accumulating around the base of the barn.

Similarly, added insulation can protect the barn from moisture and help keep it at a comfortable temperature. This could be important if you'll be doing a lot of work in the barn or if you're keeping animals in there. Most kits come with a single layer of insulation, but you may want to invest in insulation through the roof and the walls to keep moisture out and boost energy efficiency.

Overhead doors. Many standard kits come with the traditional sliding or swinging doors that are commonly used on barns. While those doors may look great and may be functional, they also tend to be manual. You'll have to open them by hand any time you want to get in the barn. That may be an inconvenience if you're driving a tractor or some other kind of machinery into the barn.

Instead, consider having an overhead door installed. Much like your garage door, it's powered by an overhead motor. You then push a button on an opener to open or close the door.

Aesthetic features. You obviously want your barn to be functional, but you probably want it to look great too. With many standard pole barn kits, you'll get to choose your color and even a few decorative options. However, you may want more design choices. Look for options like a cupola and custom weather vane to give the barn a traditional look. Also, consider wainscot to give the barn a custom look. Finally, having color-matched soffits and gutters can give your barn a finished and polished appearance that will really make it shine.

Talk to your pole barn kit vendor for more information. They can help you decide which features are best for you.