How To Lay Asphalt Shingles On A Gambrel Roof

Gambrel roofs are commonly installed on barns, sheds, and old houses. A gambrel roof consists of two panels with a distinctive slope on a center pitch which allows for more storage space on steeper side. If you installed a gambrel roof, the last step is to lay shingles. Three-tab asphalt shingles are suggested for this project. Here are some tips to lay asphalt shingles on a gambrel roof.

Check Weather

Check you local forecast before laying shingles. Avoid laying asphalt shingles on days with a chance or rain. The warmth of the sun will help make asphalt shingles the tar side of asphalt shingles flex better. If you work on cooler days, the tar may not bend. Heat from a heat gun or blow dryer is too concentrated and could damage the shingles, so the sun is your best bet. 

Make Preparations

Get the exact measurements for the roof allowing 5% waste for all the slopes and gables. Shingles commonly cover a 10 by 10 square foot area. Divide roof measurements by 100 for total square footage.

If you're replacing an old installation, pull old shingles off with a crow bar and finish removing remnants with a shovel. Pull out old nails and staples so you have a smooth work surface. Repair sheathing and frame if needed.

Lay Shingles

First, lay tar paper over the roof surface and secure in place with staples cutting excess with a utility knife. Keep them straight with a chalk line. Begin laying shingles on the lowest slope on the outward most corner.

Insert three nails evenly spaced on the top section of the shingle with a nail gun. After the first shingle is laid, align the next shingle evenly with the first. Score excess shingle on the tar side at the end of each row with a utility knife or razor blade and snap it with your hands. 

To begin the second row, lay the first shingle over the last shingle in the first row. Overlap according to maniac directions. Use the notches and tabs to measure overlap. For slope changes, keep the tabs pointing up. The shingles should lay in place naturally.

On the third and following rows, alternate placement of shingles so they lay in the center of the one under it. Nail square shingles over ridges. Lay the remaining shingles in this manner. 

Laying asphalt shingles on gambrel roof doesn't differ much from other roofs. Be certain to follow safety procedures when working on roofs. Get someone to help you in case of accidents. If you lack time or ability, a professional roofing repair company can do the installation for you.