Live Near a Small Body of Water? Maximize Your Waterfront Views

If you have a wide stream, a river, or any type of body of water on your property and you want to utilize it more, consider creating an entertainment area near the space. This is going to let you enjoy it in private, and it's going to become a great place to have guests. Take advantage of the waterfront property you have and get the following things on your property to start using the view.


Is the water shallow enough that you can add a dock going out to the water, or even a wide deck over the water? If so, you can sit and listen to the water go by underneath your feet, you can use it to store a paddle boat or other watercraft, and you can use it for swimming and more.

Have a custom dock building professional come to see where it will be best to have the dock built, and to have the dock put in by professionals.


A stamped, decorative concrete patio or a wood patio that looks over the body of water is a feature you can use for dining and lounging, and you can sit and watch children or whatever else is going on in the river. Decorative concrete is great because it is robust and easy to clean, but wood or synthetic wood are also reliable options. You should consider having steps made down to the water if you have a ravine or drop off.

A pergola over the patio will add shade if you plan on hanging out a lot by the water during the day, and to add aesthetic appeal to the outdoor space.

Fire Pit

If you have a custom decorative patio created you want to have them create a fire pit to match. You can also buy a fire pit that is already made, or use stone or brick to make on the ground around the deck, patio, or water. Fires are great for star watching, cooking s'mores, and talking with friends.

There are so many ways that you can enjoy your waterfront property, even if there is only a small body of water. Adding these things isn't just going to make the property more enjoyable, but it's also going to add value to the property. Talk with a few different contractors, such as Custom Docks, and get estimates to compare quotes for the different projects you want done around the water.