Help Your Business Go Green With An Energy Efficient Roof

Business owners are feeling the pressure to make their business environmentally friendly for their customers. That is because it is becoming more common for customers to pay attention to green business practices of the companies they do business with, and may even decide to take their business elsewhere based on that factor. Going green is not a simple process that you can do overnight, but you can start by improving the building you do business out of. Here are some tips for how you can make a green roof.

Use Rooftop Vegetation

Vegetated commercial roofing is an easy way to make an existing roof green, and it works by placing lightweight soil over the roof that will allow drought tolerant indigenous plants to grow. It provides several types of green functions you may not be aware of.

The vegetation serves both conventional and energy purposes. The living plants and the soil will help insulate the building by preventing air from escaping. The plants will also aid in absorbing the sun's thermal energy that is typically absorbed by the building. A single story building with vegetated roofing can save 20-30% on the energy bill.

Create A Rooftop Garden

Creating a garden on your roof is a bit more difficult to pull off, because you need to be able to easily access your roof to maintain the garden. While the function is very similar to a vegetated roof by protecting the roof with plants, it is different because it uses plants that are typically non-indigenous. Your rooftop garden requires you to water the plants, enrich the soil with nutrients, and even harvest crops depending on what you are growing.

Your employees will appreciate the rooftop garden due to the added camaraderie since they will be taking care of the roof together, and the additional attention will help let people in the community know that your company is in favor of green business practices.

Install Solar Panels

Buying solar panels is a big investment, but they are a great way to demonstrate your company's passion for going green. The solar panels serve two purposes. They provide a very clean source of energy for your building, and the slightly elevated panels also provide the roof additional shade from the sun that keeps the building cooler.

Solar panels can save your business an average of $20,000 when used for 20 years. If you do not plan on moving anytime soon, solar panels could be a great investment for the future of your business.

Going green is not easy, but you can get moving in the right direction starting with the roof of your company's building.