Vandalism And Theft Prevention Tips

You can't control the people around you, but you can do a bit to remove the temptation that some people experience. When it comes to vandalism and theft, it can be hard to tell why people do what they do. Some steal because they are in need. Others vandalize because they are bored or want to express some thought or feeling. You may not be able to control what they do, but you don't have to give them any kind of reason to do it. After all, if a few steps can help you avoid a broken windshield or stolen valuables, why not take the time to use them?

Remove Valuables

Obviously, one way to prevent theft is to not leave anything in your vehicle that is valuable to you. However, sometimes you might have something as small as change in your car. Someone who is walking by may see that change and think there may be more than what they see. A few cents is not worth having a car window broken out. Either take it out of the vehicle or don't leave it in plain sight.

  • Avoid flashy decorations that might attract attention.
  • Make a list of valuables that are in the vehicle so you know what, if anything, might have been stolen.
  • Never leave mail in the vehicles as the information in it can lead to identity theft.

Avoid Offenses

Some people vandalize just to do it. Others might be offended by something you have in or on your vehicle. For example, some flags are offensive to people. Although you want to express yourself, you might avoid putting these flags on your vehicle during times when tensions over such flags might be running high. Likewise for things that may hang from your rear view mirror. At the very least remove these items before you go into areas where such topics might be an issue.

Basically, if people don't know you have something they want, they won't have any reason to try and get it. When it comes to vandalism, the best you can do is try to avoid drawing attention to your vehicle. In fact, the less you have in your vehicle, the better off you are. For example, it would seem that indicating that you have children on board would deter potential thieves and vandals because of the children, but some of those people have children too and might want something you have. Should someone break into your vehicle or vandalize it, be sure to call the police before touching anything.

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