About Septic Systems For Home Plumbing & Getting The Tank Cleaned

Are you frustrated with having to wait a long time for water to drain out of the sinks in your house? It is time for you to spend a little money to get the septic system cleaned and free up waste that is backing up the plumbing pipes. Find out below why a septic system causes plumbing problems if it is not cleaned, as well as what getting it cleaned should cost.      

Why Does a Septic Tank Cause Plumbing Problems When Full?

When you use a septic system for your plumbing needs, the tank is the center of how well it works to keep the pipes from becoming backed up. Everything from the plumbing fixtures is deposited into the septic tank, but can flow back in the pipes and cause slow drainage if the tank is full. Basically, the waste is unable to leave out of the tank through a section on it that is called a drainfield. Part of the drainfield is connected to the tank, but the biggest part of it is situated under the ground. The drainfield consists of a few pipes that have small holes in them to drain out sewerage flowing through them from the septic tank.

Waste coming from your house into the septic tank is separated into several layers as it fills the tank. There is a lawyer of solids that sink, the solids that float and a liquid layer. The liquid is actually what leaves the tank through the drainfield. However, the opening into the drainfield can accumulate waste and dirt, which makes it difficult for the liquid to drain out of the tank. Most of the solid waste leaves the tank by way of bacteria developing and causing it to disintegrate. A professional must clean the tank every now and then to prevent a clog.

What Kind of Fees are Charged for Septic System Cleaning?

A septic system contractor will base his or her fees on the gallon size of the tank that is being cleaned. Be prepared to spend a minimum of $75 for septic tank cleaning. A thorough cleaning that includes the drainfield lines will cost $1,000 or higher, but it is a good investment because your septic system work more efficiently. The complexity of the task will determine what the overall cleaning fee will be. Speak to a septic system contractor (such as one from Hemley's Septic Tank Cleaning) as soon as you can to get your tank pumped!