A Look At The Biggest Mistakes New Operators Make With Stud Welding Machines

Regardless of how much technical knowledge you have when it comes to welding, the practical, hands-on knowledge is definitely where your true skills will be earned. This is especially true when it comes to using a stud welder. Stud welders are an awesomely convenient piece of equipment, allowing for simple spot welds on a variety of metal applications, even thinner sheet metals, with just the squeeze of a trigger. However, if your experience with a stud welding machine is a bit less than usual, you may find it fairly easy to make a few of these common mistakes.

Mistake: Not making sure the weld plate is as clean as possible.

Why? Even the slightest rust or debris on the weld plate can interfere with the ceramic tip of the stud welder making good, solid contact with the foundation of the material you are welding. Visually inspect the weld plate to make sure there is nothing in the way, and take a dry cloth and wipe across it to remove anything you may not see. In a lot of cases, new stud welders assume that there is something wrong with the contact point on the gun, when dirt is just preventing a solid and stable connection. Additionally, if the base plate is wet, covered with snow, or even too cold, it can interfere with the welding process as well.

Mistake: Holding the stud welding gun's plunger in place for too long while welding.

Why? The longer you hold the stud welding gun in place, the more molten the metal fillet will become in the plunger that creates the welded bond. While adequate timing is necessary, it is all too easy to hold the welding gun in place for far beyond the necessary time, trying to make sure that the weld has been created. Even though this is a mistake that is easily avoidable with experience, you do have to be especially careful about your weld timing. Too long and you will have a mess of splatter on your welding point and even on your gun, which can lead to a lot of issues later on.

Even though it may be easy to make a few mistakes in the beginning, stud welding machines are definitely worth your time gaining practical knowledge and experience with. And, thankfully, it usually only takes a few mistakes before you learn the appropriate usage techniques. If you would like to know more about using a stud welding machine before you get started, it is always a good idea to confer with the manufacturer of the equipment you own. A company like Northland Fastening Systems can give you more information.