Small Backyard And Children? You Really Can Have A Pool In Your Yard When You Follow These 3 Tips

If you live in a home with a small backyard and you have young children, then you may think that having an underground pool installed is close to impossible without sacrificing your entire yard that your children enjoy playing in. While you may not be able to have a pool that you can swim laps in, you can have one that you and your family can use to cool off on hot summer days (a real one that is not inflatable!). When you follow these three tips, you can keep both the water-lovers and those who don't love the water happy and safe when having a small pool installed in your yard. 

1. Choose the Right Shape and Size

Your choices in pool shape are not just round or rectangular. Pools can be built in virtually any shape, and before you choose the shape of your pool, first determine what size pool you need to fit your entire family comfortably and safely. Pools have what is called a load capacity or bather load, and this is an easy equation that lets you know how many people a pool can accommodate at the same time safely. The general guideline is to allow 15-square feet of pool space for each person who will be in it at once for a pool with a depth of five feet or under. 

So, if you have a family of two adults and two children, you will need about 60-square feet of pool space. If the pool were a rectangle, it would be about 10-feet long by 6-feet wide, however, when choosing a creative shape, you can gain this much pool space without taking up as much space in your yard as you think.  With a rectangular or square pool, there is also wasted space at corners where no one wants to hang out. A round, oval or pool curved to fit precisely into your yard will give you the most pool space while seemingly taking up the least yard space. 

2. A Narrow Deck is Important

You don't have to have, and surely don't want, a huge deck area around your pool taking more away from your green yard, but a having a narrow deck area surrounding the perimeter of your pool is important. You can then have one section of deck around the pool that is a bit wider that your family can use when entering and exiting the pool. 

A narrow perimeter deck will give family members a place to sit and get their feet a little wet when they don't feel like taking a full swim and will form an important line of demarcation between the yard and pool. While you will, of course, be surrounding the pool with a fence to keep your young children safe, this will act as an additional reminder to their eyes that the ground is ending and water is beginning. Also, a deck will keep the pool from getting too dirty and filled with grass and debris that would accumulate if your family entered the pool directly from a grassy, dirt-covered area. 

3. Fence It Up Well and Teach Pool Safety

Placing a proper fence around your pool (and not just any fence) is important for protecting your children, no matter what size or shape your pool is. A good pool fence needs to be not only difficult, but truly impossible, for your children to pass through when the gate is not opened. The fence should ideally be over 5-feet high and have no spaces in the fence or under it larger than 1 3/4 inches. Options include a vertical-post wrought iron or wooden fence or a tight-weave chain-link fence. The pool gate should also be equipped with an alarm that alerts you if a child even attempts to open it. 

Also, take some time before getting your pool, and periodically even after you have your pool installed, to teach and remind your children about pool safety. Having a pool at your home actually gives you a great opportunity to teach your child these important lessons when they are young. 

You can have your family's dream pool, even if your backyard is small and you have young children you want to keep safe. A small pool custom-designed to fit well into your small space can keep both the water-lover and land-lovers in your family happy. Talk to a pool installer like Nassau Pools Construction Inc or others today to see about putting a pool in your backyard.