3 Types Of Garage Doors And Their Benefits

Picking out a new garage door can often be a daunting experience due to all of the options and the various benefits that each choice can provide. Listed below are three garage door options and their benefits.


Steel is one of the most durable garage door options that you can buy. In most cases, you will have to try very hard to actually cause any damage to the garage door, as minor impacts as a result of children playing in your driveway or flying debris during a storm are going to be very unlikely to cause a dent to the door. 

The only real damage that you will have to worry about are from scratches. The reason that scratches can be dangerous for a steel door is because the scratch will remove the paint and waterproofing that is preventing the rain and moisture from reaching the steel.

Once moisture gets into the scratched area the whole door can begin to rust quite quickly. If your garage door does get scratched, you simply need to promptly paint the area or reapply the weather sealant.


Aluminum is a great garage door choice because it is very light when compared to the other materials. An aluminum garage door can easily be designed to cover a two-car garage as single piece without requiring upgrades to the opening mechanism or motor. With other types of materials, the weight is too much for the average garage door opener to lift if the door is extra-wide to cover a two-car garage, so you would need to buy a more powerful motor.

Another benefit provided by aluminum is that you do not have to worry about maintenance very often. In most cases, an aluminum door can simply be washed down with a hose and new paint applied to keep it in good shape. 


Finally, wood is a great choice if your main goal is to make your home look as nice and appealing as possible. Due to the rich appearance and many different types of wood that are available, you can easily make your home stand out or greatly increase the curb appeal of your home.

In addition, wood garage doors are available in a number of different styles that can help you get one with just about any budget. For example, if you have a small budget, you can buy a garage door that uses plywood with a veneer made out of a more aesthetically appealing wood. 

Speak to a garage door dealer or a local contractor, like Plano Overhead Garage Door, in order to get help with choosing the best door for your situation. Wood, steel, and aluminum are all great options that can make great additions to your home.