What To Know About Getting Seamless Gutters For Your Home

If your old gutters are rusted, leaky, or falling apart, you may want to replace them with seamless gutters when you're ready to get new ones. Seamless gutters have fewer problems with leaking, and they look better too, since there are no seams every few feet. Here are some things to know about having seamless gutters installed on your home.

Seamless Gutters Require Professional Installation

If you're a DIY enthusiast and want to install the new gutters yourself, then you'll probably have to buy sectional gutters at a home improvement store. That's because seamless gutters are extruded on the spot right before they're installed. That way, they can be custom-made to the size of your home. The contractor feeds the material into a machine on a truck that's brought to your home, and the gutters are made and installed the same day.

You Can Choose From A Variety Of Colors

Seamless gutters are made from metal. The metal is treated so it resists rust. Color is also added at the time of manufacturing. The raw metal is then stored on rolls so it is easy to feed into the extruder. The advantage of treating and coloring the metal before it is formed into gutters is that it becomes part of the metal and it lasts a long time. While the color may fade somewhat due to UV exposure, you won't have to worry about about paint bubbles or peeling. You won't have to paint the gutters to keep them looking fresh. Plus, you'll have a variety of colors to choose from so you can find the ideal color to match your home. If you buy sectional gutters from a home improvement store, the color choices will be very limited.

Seamless Gutters Need Little Maintenance

The only place your gutter system will have seams is where the gutters join around the corners and downspout. This greatly reduces the places where leaks can develop. The seams are the weakest part of your gutter system since the screws can work loose and cause the gutters to sag. The seams can also trap leaves and other organic matter, and that can allow weeds to grow that force apart the seams. Since these problems don't develop with seamless gutters, you'll spend much less time on repairs. You'll still have to clean the gutters out about once each year, and you may want to wash the outside of the gutters to remove dirt and grime, but when compared to sectional gutters, the seamless variety requires much less upkeep.

There are advantages to installing seamless gutters, so it's worth calling a contractor to get a quote when you are ready to buy new gutters. Just keep in mind, when you compare costs between seamless and sectional gutters, you should not only consider the initial cost, you also have to think about maintenance costs and labor over the years.