Steps For Preventing And Removing Red Wine Stains On Hardwood Floors

For many, a home is a castle that is best enjoyed when shared. This means entertaining with friends and family. Hardwood flooring is a good choice if you entertain often because it looks elegant but is durable enough to stand up to heavy wear and tear. The one thing that may worry you that it can't stand up to is a red wine stain. The following steps can help you avoid these stains while providing methods of removal if one does occur.

#1: Opt for stemless wine glasses

Stemless glasses are becoming more popular, and for good reason. These wine glasses have the shape of a wine glass, simply minus the stem.  Stemless glasses are easier to wash and they are also less of a spill hazard. This is because they are more likely to be set down flat and they are steadier if accidentally knocked since they have a lower center of gravity.

 #2: Maintain the floors

A good seal is the key to preventing deep stains on the floor. For most hardwoods, this seal consists of several layers of polyurethane. It's time to have the floors refinished if they begin to look dull and scratched. If you keep the polyurethane finish in good condition, any stains will only be on this layer and they shouldn't penetrate to the wood. This means you can simply strip the old seal and reapply it to remove a stain.

#3: Act quickly

Keep a roll of super-absorbent shop towels available nearby if you entertain often. You can find this at hardware stores. The second a spill concerns, blot up the spill with one of the fast-absorbing towels so the wine doesn't have time to penetrate into the finish. Change out the towels as needed, since you don't want to smear the wine around.

 #4: Get some oil soap

After the party, dilute an oil soap with water, according to the package directions. Then, use a dye-free cloth to rub the soap into the wood. Lift it out with a damp cloth once you are done. Often, oil soap is all that is necessary to remove the stain if you soaked it up quickly and if it didn't penetrate too deeply into the finish or wood.

For deeper or more stubborn stains, contact a hardwood floor specialist like Rainwood Interiors Inc. They may be able to bleach out the stain or to sand it out, before refinishing the floor.