Common Problems That Can Cause Noisy Pipes

While it may seem as if your house has recently become haunted when you notice a vibrating sound for the first time or it suddenly seems as if a jack-hammer has moved into your walls, the truth is that you may have developed air in the pipes of your home. Air in your pipes may also be referred to as noisy plumbing and the issue can be the result of a number of other problems. Fortunately, the following information can help you to determine what the likely culprit is and what can be done to address the problem.

Understanding The Phenomena Of Water Hammer

If you or others in the household are in the habit of turning the faucets off quickly and hard, you may notice that the sudden noise in the pipes occurs immediately after doing so. In that instance, it could easily be something referred to as water or fluid hammer. It is caused by the sudden surge of liquid or gas that stops very abruptly.

One technical term often used in lieu of water or fluid hammer by plumbing experts is hydraulic shock, and unfortunately, it can cause serious problems. Examples include damaged, collapsed, or imploded pipes, so it is important to speak with your plumber about treatment options. Common treatment options include more securely locking the pipes into place using appropriate connectors or flushing the system to remove any previously trapped air that is now contributing to the problem.

Learning About Your Vibrating And Rattling Pipes

If the noise in your pipes sounds like an orchestra has recently started practicing in your pipes or if it occasionally feels as if your home is now located over the railroad tracks when someone has been using the water, it is quite possible that the problem is related to badly insulated or poorly secured pipes. Specifically, you will find that the pipes in question are prone to shrinking or expanding as a result of the temperature of the water within the unit at the time.

As a result, you should ask your plumber about the possibility of providing extra security to the affected pipes, which will often prevent new damage from occurring at the connecting areas. Alternatively, you can connect new hoses to the pipes to access better control of the water flow that is contributing to the issue.

In conclusion, noisy plumbing can impact the usability of your home, its perceived value, and the comfort level of everyone that lives in or visits your home. Therefore, it is a good idea to consider the information provided above when you have decided to fix the problem. 

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