How To Unclog Your Condenser Coils

The coils of your condenser unit are central to the airflow and productivity of your air conditioner. If the condenser is struggling, your entire system will struggle, use more energy, and run up your electricity bills. Straightening and unclogging your condenser coils is a quick job that you should probably perform every year. It is most useful if you do it right before summer hits and you start to use your AC on a daily basis. This article explains the best way to straighten and clean your condenser coils.

Understanding the Coils

The coils are mounted to the main walls of the condenser. They are exposed to the elements but behind the protective cage. So, you can see them very easily. Even though all AC unit should have a protective cage, there is a high probability that some of your coils will be bent and dirty. Dirt blows into the coils throughout the year. Usually, if you clean the coils regularly, this dirt is easy to remove.

Cleaning the Coils

Before you try to straighten the coils you should lightly clean them. The small gaps between the coil fins might be clogged with dirt. If the dirt is really clogged, you will not be able to straighten the coils. So, for this first cleaning you should just spray down the coils with a stiff stream of water.

Straightening the Coils

Straightening the coils is very quick and easy if you have a coil comb. There are several types of combs, but they are all equally effective and cheap. As you have probably guessed, you basically brush out the kinks in the fins. You want to be careful when combing the coils because they bend quite easily. While straightening a bent coil fin is easy, it is much harder to unflatten a smashed fin.

Cleaning the Coils Again

Once your coil fins are straight, you should reclean them. Now that they are straight, dirt that used to be trapped will be much easier to wash out of the coils. If your coils have hard dirt build up that is not washing off easily, you can use any basic liquid cleaner or soap. This can be very effective in breaking down the dirt so it can wash away with ease.

This is a very simple job that you should repeat every year. The small investment in a coil comb is definitely worth it in the long run. For more information, contact local professionals like Comfort Solutions Heating & Cooling Inc.