Four Key Features to Include When Desiging Your Dream Inground Pool

If you are planning a custom in-ground pool, then you have the opportunity to create your dream pool. You can take inspiration from pools you have seen in movies, in magazines, or while on vacation. As long as you're bringing in a custom-pool construction company, you should plan out some unique features that you would love to have. Here are four cool ideas to consider.  

Decorative Mosaic Tile with a Custom Design

One of the nicest ways you can make your new pool look beautiful and unique is to have a custom mosaic installed. This is in contrast to the standard vinyl pool liner or painted concrete. A nice multi-colored glass-tile mosaic (with shades of blue and white glass) would be great. To make your pool even more unique, you should consider a center design feature. The pool contractors can have tilers come in and lay a design (dolphin, Poseidon and trident, or abstract geometric design) in the center of the pool until you have a design like one you would see at some of the fancy hotel swimming pools.

Waterfall Feature

Another cool feature would be a waterfall. You have two different designs to choose from. The first is a man-made, simulated grotto. This is a rock formation (created either with real rock or synthetic stone) and a pipe and tubing system that will create a waterfall effect. The water will look like it's running down the rocks and into the water. This is really great if you want a natural-looking design and plan on having shrubs around the pool and creating a lagoon-like effect.

The other design is a very modern, basin-style waterfall. You can get large steel basins that sit near the side of the pool and cascade water out and into the pool. These basins have a very cool and modern look, the exact opposite to a rock grotto. If you like a minimalist look, then these basins are perfect.

Laminar Fountains

These fountains are perfect if you have lots of parties and want to impress your guests. The fountains are installed around the perimeter of the pool and shoot thin jets of water up into the air and land in the pool. You will have several of them installed around the pool, and when they are turned on, there will be several large arcs of water streaming through the air and into the pool. If you have a large picture window in your house, and your pool is visible, then you can turn the fountains on while you are indoors, and the pool will provide a nice backdrop to your dinner parties, especially when lit up.

Underwater LED Light Feature

You should definitely have the pool designers install a custom light setup. You want more than the standard in-ground pool light. You want a series of LED lights that you can control via a remote control. A nice LED light system will allow you to have rotating colors (which will look cool at night). The LED lights allow you to switch the colors without having to switch lights, so these sorts of systems provide a huge advantage over regular underwater light systems.