How To Change Cabinet Doors And Molding

The great thing about custom cabinets is that they can be easily altered and upgraded. That is, the actual cabinet box is mainly square and flat with decorative doors and molding that really define the style of the cabinet. Both the doors and molding can be removed and changed. Best of all, this is a process that you, the homeowner, can probably do yourself. You don't need too many complicated tools or construction skills to change the molding and doors on a traditional cabinet system. This article explains the process, from ordering the new doors and molding to attaching them.

Order Your New Doors and Molding

The first step is to order your new doors and molding. You should get these from the same cabinet maker. You can have them send samples of the molding that you can actually hold up to your cabinet to see how it looks. It is definitely a good idea to order both from the same cabinet maker so you can be sure they look good together. You can also have a cabinet maker come to your house to assess your cabinet and make sure that you order doors that are the right size and are equipped with the proper hinges.

Remove Your Old Doors and Molding

Now, you need to remove your old doors and molding. Removing the doors is easy with just a power drill. Most hinges are attached to the cabinet faceframe with just two screws. Removing the molding is also easy, but you will probably need a hammer, flat head screw driver and utility knife. The utility knife is only necessary if the edges of your molding are caulked. Cut through the caulk and then hammer the screwdriver underneath the molding so you can pry it away from the cabinet.

Attaching the New Molding and Doors

To attach the molding, you will need a pneumatic nail gun and air compressor. These are very easy to use and make attaching more than a no-brainer. Attaching the doors is also easy, but it might require a little bit of tinkering. That is, to make the doors perfectly flush and level, you will probably need two people. One person can attach the hinges to the face frame, while the other person holds the door up with a level. The trick is to touch the top hinge first, and then attach garage to the bottom hinge once you have it level and flush.

With new doors and molding on your cabinet, it will look completely different. With this simple remodel, you can make an old, outdated cabinet system and modern. For more information, contact companies like Southland Exteriors LLC.