Looking At Countertop Options? Wood Could Be An Excellent Choice

.If you're thinking about your options for new kitchen countertops; you don't want to overlook wood. If that seems like an unusual option, you should know that wood countertops are beautiful and durable. They are an excellent choice for any type of kitchen. Here are some things to know about wood countertops.

Wood Is Warm And Quiet

Wood is a classic building material. If you love the look of wood floors, you'll probably love the warmth that wood countertops give your home. However, the warmth isn't limited to visual appeal alone. A wood surface is much warmer than stone such as granite.

While you may love granite as a surface for kneading dough, you can always buy and use a granite cutting board since you don't want to cut on the surface of wood countertops anyway. Wood is also a quieter material which could be a plus if you run a noisy blender in the mornings. Rather than amplify the sound like stone does, wood helps mute it, so your kitchen isn't so noisy.

Wood Countertops Come In Many Styles

Once you start looking at wood countertops, you'll be amazed at all the different styles you can get for your kitchen. You can buy affordable wood that costs much less than granite, or you can buy exotic wood that perfectly complements a luxury home with a gourmet kitchen. The price range for wood countertops is very wide because the price depends on the type of wood you choose. The way the wood is put together also affects how the countertop looks.

The wood can be made like a butcher block with all the long sides of the boards facing the top. The short ends of the boards could face the top instead, or you might want the look of the long flat surfaces facing the top. Each method has its own unique appearance. Top that with a stain that highlights the grain and enhances color, and your choices are nearly endless.

Wood Is Easy To Repair

If your wood countertops are damaged, they can be repaired by filling in scratches and sanding out burns. Just like wood floors, wood countertops can be refinished which means the countertops could last a lifetime. However, you can avoid the work of refinishing by taking good care of the wood. The wood should be sealed to protect it from stains. This is done with a food grade sealer. It is especially important to keep the wood sealed near the sink, so the wood is protected from water.

You'll always want to use a cutting board, even if your countertop is made from butcher block because cutting on the countertop will damage the seal. Also, use trivets to avoid burns and allow clearance around the stove since wood can potentially catch on fire.

Wood countertops are perfect for all your counter space, or one can be applied to an island only to showcase its beauty. Although wood does require more care than solid surface and stone, it adds more character and warmth to your home, so the maintenance effort is worthwhile. To learn more, contact a company like Countertops & Laminated Specialties Inc