Do You Have A Leak On Your Roof? How To Minimize Damage Until A Roofing Service Arrives

Following a series of storms, roofing services can be backed up with calls from homeowners who need to have leaks or roofing problems repaired. Unfortunately, this may mean that if a leak developed in your roof, you may not be able to have the leak repaired right away. This can lead to further damage, especially if more storms are on the way. Here are three tips on how you can minimize the damage that is caused by a leak in the roof until you can get help from a roofing service

Pop Any Bulges in the Ceiling 

If you have a leak in your roof, you may notice large bubbles or bulges in your ceiling. These bubbles or bulges may be filled with water. Often times, people are not sure what to do about these bulges or bubbles. If they are present, you should use something like a screwdriver or a knife to cut a clean hole in the middle of the bulge. Then catch the dripping water with a bucket or large pot. Popping the bulge helps to drain the water, preventing the ceiling from collapsing or caving in due to the weight of the water. 

Repair Damage With Roofing Cement

If the storm lets up, and you have the opportunity to do so, climb on your roof and replace any rips or tears in the roof with roofing cement. Roofing cement can also be used to adhere missing shingles back into place on your roof. Applying roofing cement or adhering new shingles will help to temporarily prevent water from seeping into the roof, helping to stop the leak. It is important to understand that roofing cement fixes are only temporary, so you should still call a roofer. But this will help to prevent further roofing damage. 

Tarp Large Damaged Areas

If a large portion of your roof is damaged, roofing cement may not help. In this case, take a tarp and lay it over the affected area. You can either use nails or sandbags to hold the tarp in place. The tarp helps to keep water out of the damaged part of your roof, minimizing further water damage until a roofer can inspect the damage and repair it. 

Having your roof inspected annually is the best way to help catch roofing problems that can lead to leaks and have them repaired before inclement weather hits. If you have not had your roof inspected in a year or more, call a roofing service now to schedule a roof inspection.