3 Subtle Signs That Your Home's Gutters Are No Longer Working Properly

If your home has old gutters, you may wonder if the time has come to replace them with newer ones. If so, look for the following subtle signs that your gutters are no longer working properly and need to be replaced.

Indentations in the Soil around Your Home's Foundation

One of the first things you may notice if your gutters are not properly draining water and are overflowing in certain areas is the presence of indentations in the soil around your home's foundation. Because the water is not being directed to the downspouts, it starts to overflow at areas on the gutters that have weakened and warped.

If this problem continues, the constant overflow of water will not only damage the soil around your foundation. Eventually, the water could damage your foundation or start leaking into your basement, causing water damage to your home's base structures.

Mold and Mildew Growth on Your Home's Siding

Another sign that your gutters have stopped doing their job is the appearance of mold and mildew growth on your home's siding. When the gutters start overflowing at certain points, it comes into constant contact with your siding, creating a moist environment that is ideal for fungal growth, especially on the shady sides of your house.

While looking for growth, look for green or dark areas that have somewhat defined borders. If you see any patches that resemble this description, examine the gutters above them. Chances are that the same flow of water strikes the siding every time it rains, feeding the growth in a distinct pattern.

Streams of Water Running down in Specific Areas

If you notice either of the signs discussed above, make note of the areas in which you see them. Then, the next time it rains, either go outside or watch the areas through your windows to see if you notice any difference in the appearance of the rain in those locations.

Unless there is a hard rainstorm, the raindrops should be fairly consistent in the amount and intensity of the water. However, if the gutters are overflowing, you will notice wide or heavier streams of water.

If you notice any of the above signs, there is a good chance that your home's old gutters are no longer draining properly and should be replaced. Contact a gutter installation service, like California Gutter Company INC., to inspect your old gutters and discuss your various options for replacing them with new ones.