Home Exterior Improvements You Can Make To Your Backyard Outdoor Space

Your home provides an interior of protection and comfort, and your home's outdoor space can provide an area for gathering and relaxing while you enjoy the outside. By installing appropriate additions to your backyard, you can create a space outside protected from the elements. Here are some additions you can add to your backyard outdoor space to make it more usable and attractive.

Add a Patio Cover

One of the best ways you can help make your backyard another living space is to install a patio cover onto the back of your home and over your concrete patio. This type of covering provides shade from the sun and weather, and can also be installed to provide lighting and ceiling fans to help circulate the summer air. Because the cover provides shade to your outdoor space, the sun's radiation won't heat up the pavement and the air above it, making the space more cool. And you can use the space to add protection for an outdoor grill and a hot tub in addition to your seating area.

Patio covers come in a wide variety of styles and materials, depending on your needs and the type of maintenance-free cover you want installed. There are insulated covers that can connect your home's electrical to create a lighted area beneath your patio, or lattice-style patio coverings.

Update and Install Rain Gutters

Once you have installed your patio cover of choice, it is a good idea to install rain gutters upon your patio cover to divert rain runoff. Because your patio cover is an extension of your home's roof, it needs to allow runoff for rainwater so it does not improperly fall to the soil below the cover. Roof runoff not diverted with gutters can fall to the soil and erode the soil, cause interior moisture damage, and damage any landscaping planted there, and you need landscaping around your patio to improve and beautify the space.

It is also a good idea to update your home's gutters if they are old, damaged, and leaking to improve the roof runoff around the perimeter of your home. You can replace them with new, seamless gutters or add gutter covers onto them to prevent their collecting excess debris. This is a smart addition especially when your yard contains a number of trees that create excess leaves and other debris. Gutter guards come in a variety of styles from solid covers to screens, and a selection of colors to match the exterior of your home and your patio cover.

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