4 Gutter Problems That Demand Repairs

When it comes to gutter repair, many people seem to only think about cleaning their gutters. However, there are many other repairs homeowners should perform to keep their gutters in excellent condition. Learn about some of the repairs you should perform to ensure your gutters are functional and protecting your home. 

1. Water Leaks

If you notice water dripping from your gutters, make sure you don't ignore the problem. Gutters keep water flowing away from your foundation. However, when the gutters leak, the water will settle down around your foundation, which could lead to extensive damage. 

Leaks are common in gutters that are worn and in need of replacement. If you have multiple leaks all over the gutter system, replacement is probably the best option for you. However, sometimes a leak is the result of a clog in the gutter. Have the gutters inspected to find out the source of the problem so that you know what direction to take. 

2. Sagging Areas

Gutters should be even. Areas where the gutters hang or sag is not a good sign. However, the problem doesn't always mean gutter failure. In some instances, the reason for the sagging is nothing more than a gutter that has somehow become disconnected. A repair specialist can easily and quickly replace the fastener and reconnect the gutter. 

However, sometimes gutters sag due to extra water collecting inside of them. A gutter that is sagging, for this reason, can be incredibly dangerous because the channel could literally snap and fall to the ground at any moment. If the gutter is sagging because of water, there is a larger problem going on, and you need to have a professional investigate. 

3. Cracked Gutters

Most gutters are incredibly durable; however, gutters are not invincible. In a period of adverse weather, such as a powerful storm, the wind can blow all sorts of objects around. Some of these objects can even slam into your gutters and damage them. If there is a crack in your gutter channel, your home's foundation is at risk for damage. 

If you live in an area prone to storms, you can do yourself a favor by upgrading to a more durable gutter material, such as copper, should you have vinyl or aluminum gutters installed now. 

If you recognize any sign of damage to your gutters, you need to contact a professional. Reach out to a professional right away to ensure your home is protected. Companies like A-1 Seamless Gutters Inc can help.