Laser Beam Eye Systems for Your Garage Door: Problems and Repairs

Garage door opener systems rely on a laser eye system for safety and security. When the door does not work properly, the problem may be with the laser eye. Here are some tips on how to identify issues with the laser eye beam system and how to fix them.

Door Refuses to Budge/Opener Will Not Operate

When the garage door refuses to budge and the opener does not seem to be working despite the obvious signs of electrical power, the problem is with the laser eye beam. The beam is installed at the base of the tracks for the door. There should be one little black box that projects the beam and one little black box that receives the beam. Look to see if anything is blocking the beam's transmission from the laser box to the receiver box. Any object that breaks the beam initiates the system's safety protocols and the door will not budge because it assumes that someone or something (like a pet) is standing there. If nothing is breaking the beam's projection, then it might be an alignment issue.

Laser Eye Alignment Issues

If the beam is not broken, then one or both boxes may be out of alignment. You will have to get down on all fours and practically place your head on the concrete floor of your garage to see if one box is ever so slightly not aligned with the other. Usually, the laser beam box is fine, but the receiver box is the guilty party. If you move one or both boxes such that they are both straight on and facing each other perfectly, you should hear a slight click. as the laser beam engages the receiving component in the receiver box. Now test the garage door to see if it moves. If it opens and closes fine, the problem is fixed. If not, it may be a wiring issue.

Wiring Issues

Wiring issues can occur when a wire that supplies the laser beam box is disconnected or barely connected creating intermittent laser signals. Check the wiring to the laser beam box. Then check the wiring to the receiver box. If all of the wiring connected to the boxes looks okay, get on a ladder and check the wiring to the garage door opener. Sometimes birds and rodents chew or peck these smaller cables and wires while running across the support beams in your garage. Repairing and replacing these wires should resolve any remaining garage door opener problems. If you need help with this repair, contact a company that specializes in garage door repairs, such as Callahan Door and Window.