3 Causes Of Chimney Damage

If you use your fireplace during the cold season, you may rely heavily on your chimney to keep your home warm, comfortable, and smoke-free. Unfortunately, chimneys can accumulate damage just like any other home component, posing inherent risks to your house and family. Here are three causes of chimney damage and why how those issues can cause bigger problems in the long run. 

1. Plant Growth

Climbing vines can be a beautiful addition to your home, but over time, they can develop roots and other structures that can whittle away protective mortar from between chimney bricks. For instance, ivy can be incredibly invasive, pushing its way down into chimneys, posing fire hazards, and even impacting the structural integrity of the entire chimney. 

If you have plant growth on the exterior of your home, consider removing it to protect your chimney. If the plant life has started to grow down into your chimney, talk with a professional chimney cleaner about removing those vines. 

2. Wildlife Infestations

Wildlife can also impact the health and safety of chimneys. While many people use fireplace caps to keep animals like birds, raccoons, squirrels, and other varieties of wildlife out of chimneys, once these animals have found shelter, it isn't always easy to get them to leave. 

While there, these unwanted animals can nest and cause problems like damaged brick or accumulations of organic materials, which can catch fire and cause home fires. If you suspect that animals may be living in your chimney, talk with your chimney professional about how to remove them. In some instances, exterminators can use humane methods to remove animals without causing them physical harm. 

3. Weather Damage

High winds, lightning strikes, and even falling branches due to bad weather can cause problems with your chimney, especially if your home is older and the chimney isn't as stable as it once was. Over time, chimneys can become weak enough to break and fall onto your home, posing serious issues like a roof collapse. 

If you have noticed issues like excessive noise coming from your chimney during heavy winds, it could be a sign that there are structural problems with your smokestack. However, by having your chimney and fireplace professionally inspected, you can catch problems early and have them repaired proactively, protecting your home. 

Whether your chimney hasn't been moving smoke efficiently or you can see that it has visible signs of wear and tear, working with chimney damage repair professionals can help. In addition to carefully evaluating your chimney to detect damage, these experts can also provide repairs that will help your chimney to stay strong, stable, and functional. 

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