Choose The Materials For Your Barbecue Restaurant

Are you known for making exceptional barbecued meats? Maybe you've developed your own sauces that are the secret to the wonderful taste. Maybe you created sides like beans and fabulous corn-on-the-cob, perfecting the meal with decadent pies. Now you're using your recipes and your skills to open a barbecue restaurant so that those wonderful dishes can earn some money for you.

Have you decided on how you want the building to look? Perhaps you have already decided on the materials you want for the facade of your restaurant. Are you still trying to decide on what kind of roof you want? If so, here are some ideas that might help you.

Even though you have three choices of roofs for your new restaurant, there are different choices in those categories.

A Metal Roof - If you want a bit of a Texas mood for your restaurant, consider going with a metal roof. Metal isn't your cheapest choice, but it's beautiful. A metal roof is also very durable and will perform well in inclement weather conditions. Did you know that metal roofs come in different colors? That's where the choice comes in. If you want to go with a traditional metal roof, stick with gray for the color of the roof. For a more dramatic look, go with something like turquoise for the color of the metal.

A Tile Roof - Another good choice for your roof would be tile, especially if you will be serving some Mexican dishes along with your famous barbecue. Tile is probably your most expensive choice, but it's knock-out gorgeous. It will also perform well in bad weather. For added interest, choose a multi-color design for the tile. For example, if you go with traditional Terra-cotta red, the addition of a soft salmon color will be a good way to provide interest to the roof design. 

​A Shingle Roof - The least expensive choice will more than likely be a shingle roof. A shingle roof probably won't last as long as a metal roof or a tile roof, but the shingles will be easy to replace. Plus, a shingle roof can look very nice on your restaurant. Like metal and tile, you can choose shingles in so many colors that you might have trouble deciding on which one you like best. 

The commercial roofing services will be happy to advise you on which roof would be best for your building. For instance, even though your first choice might be a tile roof, the commercial roofer might tell you that your building won't sustain the weight of tile. The commercial roofer will have the training and the experience to help you find a great substitute.