Why Steel Is A Better Choice Than Wood For A Garden Shed

If you're looking to have a garden shed built, your first instinct might be to do so out of wood. Many people favor the look of wooden sheds, and there's little doubt that this design can offer some additional benefits, too. However, you should also give some consideration to a steel shed. While this material may seem like overkill for a simple garden shed, it's still a good option to think about. Here are some reasons that steel is a better choice than wood for a garden shed.

It's Impenetrable To Pests

Depending on what you plan to keep in the garden shed, it may be attractive to pests. For example, if you keep bags of birdseed in this space, squirrels and mice may attempt to get in so that they can eat the seed. If you have a wooden garden shed, a persistent squirrel or mouse may be able to eventually chew a hole in the wood to allow access to the shed. This not only leaves your shed damaged but can also result in a considerable mess inside of the structure. A steel shed will be impenetrable to such pests.

It's Safe To Place Anywhere

You have to be mindful of where you place a wooden garden shed in your yard. If you place the shed in a shaded area, it may not get fully dry after a rainfall. Over time, this can result in the wood softening and beginning to rot. Additionally, the growth of moss — something that is common in parts of your yard that don't get a lot of direct sunlight — can further soften the wood and cause the quicker deterioration of the garden shed. Dampness and moss don't hinder a steel shed in the same way, meaning that you can set this shed up wherever you want.

It Doesn't Require Frequent Maintenance

If you have a wooden garden shed for a long time, you'll likely need to perform a variety of maintenance tasks on it. The most time consuming of these tasks would be to apply a new coat of paint or stain to the exterior of the shed on occasion — perhaps every few years, depending on your climate. While this work shouldn't take very long if the shed is small, it's still a project that will make its way onto your to-do list. A steel shed, meanwhile, doesn't require this type of frequent maintenance.

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