Want to Purchase a Well Pump? What to Choose and How to Take Care of Them

If you are planning to purchase a well pump but don't know much about them, below is information about two types of well pumps you can choose from. You will also find information below on how to keep your well pump in great condition once you do purchase one.

Types of Well Pumps

There are two main types of well pumps; what you choose will depend on how large your well is. Because of this, make sure you know the size before you start shopping. Also, if your home already has a well system and you are replacing the pump, you simply need to purchase the same type of pump as a replacement.

If you are purchasing a new well pump and do not currently have a system installed at your home, one type you can choose is a shallow well pump. As the name says, this well pump is not dug very deep and is shallower to the ground. You cannot submerge this pump in water; it is installed outside of the well instead. If you purchase a shallow well pump, you need to be careful that it does not become overloaded. If this happens, the motor on the pump will burn out. Fortunately, you can prevent this from happening by also installing a tank booster. This will also increase water pressure in your home.

Another type of well pump you can choose is a deep well pump which is installed much deeper into the well. Deep well pumps can be placed inside the well and completely submerged in water. The controls for the pump are above the ground. The controls are then hard wired to the well pump. If you do have problems with this pump in the future, it has to be lifted out of the well in order for a contractor to work on it.

Well Pump Maintenance

Unfortunately, you should not do any type of maintenance on your well or well pump system. This is because it is difficult to work on especially if you have a deep well pump. Instead, hire a professional contractor to come to your home.

You can set up a schedule with this contractor to come to your home once or twice a year to maintain your pump for you. While the contractor is there, they can test your water also to ensure it is clean. If they find anything in the water, such as bacteria, the contractor can do a water treatment. The contractor will also check the water pressure to ensure the pump is pumping at the right speed.

The contractor that you hire can give you much more information about well pumps and maintaining them. To connect with local contractors, visit websites such as http://valleydrillingcorp.com.