4 Ideas For A Better Custom Deck

Doing deck construction should be seen as more than a chance to add some outdoor space to your residence. There are a lot of things you can do when you hire a custom deck contractor, and here are four that will give your deck a little more utility, beauty, and life.


Most decks are made of wood and that means they tend to be giant patches of brown. Installing custom planters can make a huge difference by adding some tiny landscaping elements. You can use large, permanent planters to grow flowers and greenery that changes throughout the seasons, or you can swap different plants in and out as different options come into season.

Some gardeners also like to use planters as places to start their gardens in the spring. Having planters on your deck can help you take advantage of the nice days, putting plants out to get sunlight and bringing them in when it's cold.


Most decks tend to get littered with loose seating items, such as plastic chairs. These can look a bit ugly, especially the ever-present white plastic chairs. Likewise, folks who live in high-wind areas may end up seeing their chairs disappear during storms. Installing built-in benches will provide added seating without the need to drag everything inside before a storm hits.


Small bits of accent lighting can give you more outdoor time on your deck. That's especially good for folks who live in hot regions, where the deck might not really be an outdoor option until after sundown. Using LED lights and solar-powered systems can make it easy to get more than enough energy without having to plug your lights into the grid. Automated systems are also available, allowing homeowners to get light the minute the sun starts disappearing over the horizon.


A deck doesn't have to have a full-on roof, although that is a really nice option. Even a table with a pop-up umbrella in the center can afford shade during sunny days. If you want some protection near the house, you may want to look at an option like a retractable awning or a shade sail. Pergolas can look very interesting when incorporated with decks, too.

A deck contractor can even install lattice to provide shade from the side. This is an especially nice feature if you get a lot of late-day sunshine. Removable lattice can be employed to open things up in the darker months.

Speak with deck contractors about what they can do for you.