4 Ideas To Give Your New Custom Home Modern Design And Contemporary Architectural Style

If you are planning on building a new custom home, you may want it to have a contemporary architectural style. There are also modern design features that you will want, like practical home floor plans and the latest in home automation technology. The following ideas will help you choose the right modern design features to include in your contemporary custom home:

1. Make The Most Of Roof Real Estate With Energy Efficient Rooftop Green Space

With contemporary designs, roofs are often flat, but this space is unused. Therefore, one of the trendy features that you may want to consider adding to the design of your home is rooftop green space. This can be a great way to add to your outdoor living areas if your property has a limited amount of space. Green roofs also give you the benefit of better thermal barriers for the roof and improved energy efficiency.

2. Make Sure To Include The Most Energy-Efficient Mechanical Systems And Renewable Energy

There are also a lot of energy-efficient mechanical system options that you will want to consider for your contemporary home design. These systems can include things like geothermal HVAC systems, water collection, and greywater recycling. The more efficient your mechanical systems are, the more modern the design of your home will be.

3. Plan Your Home With A Passive Energy Design That Reduces The Energy Needed For Heating And Cooling

One of the biggest things that you need to plan for the construction of your home is passive energy designs. These are architectural features that help reduce energy consumption by using natural sunlight for heating in the winter, and they also include features like solar ventilation or finished spaces below the exterior soil elevations to keep your home cool in summer. Passive energy designs for your home can greatly reduce the energy consumed by conventional heating and cooling systems.

4. Use The Right Technology And Home Automation Systems With The Design For Your Family's Needs

Lastly, the technology that you use in modern home design is also important, and you want to have the latest technology, as well as home automation. First, consider automation for features like garages, lighting, and mechanical systems. For the technology, you want to consider a modern, high-speed network for internet, low-voltage USB charging outlets, and central vacuum installations.

These are some of the modern design features that you will want to include in your new custom home. If you are planning on building a contemporary home, contact a home construction contractor for help with planning to include these modern design features.