4 Gutter Problems That Demand Repairs

When it comes to gutter repair, many people seem to only think about cleaning their gutters. However, there are many other repairs homeowners should perform to keep their gutters in excellent condition. Learn about some of the repairs you should perform to ensure your gutters are functional and protecting your home.  1. Water Leaks If you notice water dripping from your gutters, make sure you don't ignore the problem. Gutters keep water flowing away from your foundation.

Home Exterior Improvements You Can Make To Your Backyard Outdoor Space

Your home provides an interior of protection and comfort, and your home's outdoor space can provide an area for gathering and relaxing while you enjoy the outside. By installing appropriate additions to your backyard, you can create a space outside protected from the elements. Here are some additions you can add to your backyard outdoor space to make it more usable and attractive. Add a Patio Cover One of the best ways you can help make your backyard another living space is to install a patio cover onto the back of your home and over your concrete patio.

3 Subtle Signs That Your Home's Gutters Are No Longer Working Properly

If your home has old gutters, you may wonder if the time has come to replace them with newer ones. If so, look for the following subtle signs that your gutters are no longer working properly and need to be replaced. Indentations in the Soil around Your Home's Foundation One of the first things you may notice if your gutters are not properly draining water and are overflowing in certain areas is the presence of indentations in the soil around your home's foundation.

Two Types Of Docks To Consider For Your Lake Home

If you have a lakefront home, then a dock is almost a necessity. Even if you don't have a boat, a dock doubles as an outdoor deck where you can lounge in the sun, entertain, and dive into the water. There are two basic types of docks you can have installed. One is the stationary type and the other is floating. Here's a look at the two options and how to determine which one is best for you.

Do You Have A Leak On Your Roof? How To Minimize Damage Until A Roofing Service Arrives

Following a series of storms, roofing services can be backed up with calls from homeowners who need to have leaks or roofing problems repaired. Unfortunately, this may mean that if a leak developed in your roof, you may not be able to have the leak repaired right away. This can lead to further damage, especially if more storms are on the way. Here are three tips on how you can minimize the damage that is caused by a leak in the roof until you can get help from a roofing service.